Frantic Journals

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—No Regret

First Single “No Regret”, from our next CD.

How to make your own CD in just 14 months.

April, 2011 will mark the second anniversary for Frantic. From April to December of 2009 we collaborated and wrote the first seven of twelve songs that would be on the Frantic debut CD. Up to this point we had been rehearsing in Rene’s garage so when we began to record our material we decided to look no further than where we were. With a few decent microphones and a home computer we began to lay down the drum tracks at what would become 53db Studio.

Over the next few months each one of us would come in on our own time to record the individual parts. Once we had the majority of those songs complete we asked ourselves what we would plan to do with them. Although they were far from being done we were debating whether to release them as an EP or add more songs for a full album. Upon deciding to expand it with more tracks the project was put on hold while we continued to song write, rehearse and play out. 

After some time we ended up with seven more songs and began the second round of sessions for the the CD. At first we were going to use them all which would have made fourteen tracks but at some point the project seemed to be a bit overwhelming and drawn out so we settled on twelve. It was not a hard decision to make for the last two songs written during this time will see their way to our next CD.

Now we get to the point where the major parts of the songs are recorded and so begins the pre-production. This involves listening to rough mix after rough mix. Fixing timing issues, mistakes and rerecording parts that just didn’t sit right with us. Once it was cleaned up we then went into the production stage. I think that this part of the project was the most fun because it was at this point we got to be creative again. No longer were we just going through the motions of what we had written but we were free to explore new complimentary ideas that would greatly enhance the songs. Those ideas came in the form of background vocal harmonies, percussion of various types, keyboard synth, piano, organ, violin, cello, and slide guitar.

Of all those, the slide guitar surprised and pleased me the most. It’s featured on the first track “Validate” and if you listen closely you can hear it in “Street Gypsy” as well. The reason it pleased me so is that it came towards the end of the project which means if we had wrapped it up sooner it might have never been. The reason it surprised me is because I’ve never been a slide player but back in November, I went to see Gov’t Mule with a friend at the Rialto. Warren Haynes is a great guitar player and I was very impressed with his slide playing and although I was inspired by him it wasn’t until my friend asked me afterwards, “Do you play slide?” That’s what got me thinking. Where could I put a slide guitar on the CD? At first I had no idea, but when it hit me I went and bought a slide, learned a couple of slide licks and went in to record it. At first I had a simple idea and Rene helped me to work out the rest. Once I finished “Validate” I thought this could work on “Street Gypsy” too. Even though “Validate” is a complete song without it, (I don’t play the slide live) it adds so much to it on the recording.

So now we are at the final stage of mixing and mastering and once again we listen to mix after mix. Spending up to eight or nine hours at a time on countless sessions. Each time it gets closer to what we want. By this time it’s about January. One year after we first started and we are starting to get sick of it, but we press on not wanting to settle for something inferior. As we were getting closer these last few months we began to order CD’s and cases. Designing and Printing. It almost seemed as if it would go on forever but during the last week we set a goal. March 17th. St. Patrick’s Day. The day we would play at O’malley’s. So with a few last tweaks we wrapped it up at the last moment possible. Soon after I made it available for digital download on ReverbNation and iTunes.

I, along with the rest of the guys feel that we did the best job possible without going crazy and when I listen to it, I’m amazed! It started out as a demo recording but ended up as so much more. I feel that it stands right up there with any professional recording and the greatest thing about it is that we did it completely on on own. I am very proud of what we have accomplished as a band and very thankful to Gonzo, Robert, Bob, and especially Rene. Without Rene it would have just been some crappy demo.

- Rojas.

1. Validate

2. Hopeless

3. Beyond Measure

4. Street Gypsy

5. Behind Me

6. Cause and Effect

7. For the Sake of Gain

8. Try to Remember

9. Free for Now

10. Control

11. Eclipse

12. Deceive